CHARTS Year-end Notes – November 30, 2020

Table of Contents

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I. Prior to year-end you should load the November 30, 2020 Year End Release – Update # 127

II   Payroll: Before Closing out the year 
Adjusting for non-payroll compensation. See P-4470
Health Insurance Premium Reporting
III. Payroll: After your last payroll of the year
IV. Payroll: Carrying Over Sick/Vacation/Holiday/Personal Benefits to the New Year

V.  Payroll: Federal Tax Tables for 2021 are not yet available

FICA rates remain unchanged, the FICA limit has been increased to $142,800 for 2021
401K Deduction Limits are Unchanged

VI. Payroll:  Printing W2s

Verify W2 Information
Obtaining a User Id to Submit W2s  
Printing your 2020 W2’s
Verifying and Filing Your W2’s With the Federal Government


II.  Payroll: Before closing out the year.
Adjusting for non-payroll compensation. See P-4470.

If an employer pays for an automobile that the employee uses for business or if the employer pays for certain life insurance policies for the employee, the employee is obligated to pay tax on a portion of the value of these benefits. To handle this see P-4470.

Health Insurance Premium Reporting  –  2020 W2 Reporting. 

Employers required to file 250 or more W-2 forms are responsible for reporting to employees the total cost of their group health benefit plan coverage on their W-2 forms under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This requirement went into effect in 2012 with the 2012 W-2 forms. Reportable costs include both employer and employee contributions for group health plan coverage. This requirement is informational only and any employer-provided coverage will not be subject to income tax.

Please verify your deduction code in Change Table File – CTF, 10, 3 – Deduction Code Table. Make sure that the W2 Box 12 is set to “DD” and that the W2 Info Only field is set to “Y”. Also verify that the Print Deduction On Check field ‘On Chk’ should be set to “N”, this will suppress the Health Insurance amount from printing on the employee stub of the payroll check. [Please note in the example below code ’57’ is used for illustration purposes only, use an available code.]

Yearly premium amounts can then be entered in the ACCUMWRK screen [PR, 2, 2]. Any amounts entered will be reflected on the W2 form. Amounts entered will not change yearly employee compensation amounts or impact tax liability.

Main Key: 57(use an available code)	Secondary Key: HEALTH$ 		Description: COST OF HEALTHCARE▬▬
Affects Shifts (Y/N): N 	Hourly Rt/Amt: .0000▬▬▬ 			FED FICA ST CITY DIS EIC
Include:in Gross N 		FTE Work/paid ▬▬ ▬▬ 		Deduct tax: 	N    N 	  N  N   N   N
A-Addition, D-Deduction : A 	Code: HC 			Based on tax frequency : ▬
Combine all missed Deductions (Y/N): N 				Max # Periods to Carry Over: ▬▬
Limit Basis(Y)TD/(T)otal/(P)er Check: Y 			Based on Hrs: ▬ Prompt: ▬ On Ck: N
Percent of Gross or an Amount(P/A): A 				Included in calculating (Y/N)
Include in Gross Percent( /N)   				Vac/Sick/Hol/Oth):
% of Differential Rate (7-9):   				Differential : 
Type : B (E)arn(B)enefit(W)itholding 				Union Hrs/Pay/Over Base: 
G/L Account #: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Natural: 				Report(A/B/C) Hours/Pay: 
Productive/NonProductive: ▬ ▬ 					Fringe Bnft/Deferrd Comp: ▬▬
Wage Average Hours/Pay : ▬ ▬ 					W2 Box 12: DD 	*W2 Info Only: Y
Pay at Overtime Rate : ▬ 					SUTA/FUTA : ▬▬ Min. Net: .0▬▬▬▬
Enter #shifts in Accumwrk ▬ 					Addt'l Amt: .00▬▬ Misc.: ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬ ▬
Enter (F) To File (I) To Ignore: F 
III. Payroll: After your last payroll of the year.

The  “Year End Procedure” is no longer required. Facilities can start 2021 payrolls without RHS client services intervention.

When printing payroll checks for the first time in 2021 [PRINTCKS – PR, 3] the 2020 payroll backup facility will be automatically created and all 2021 year to date totals will be reset to zero. It is important that when setting the first payroll period in 2021 [SETPR – PR, 1, 1] that the Beginning/End Indicator be set to ‘B’ for both Month and Year.

Both 2020 and 2021 payroll data can be accessed from the current nursing facility. It will therefore be possible to run payroll reports crossing years if desired.

You will still be able to log into the 2020 Employee Master information to quickly review year end totals or make payroll adjustments after the 2021 payroll is live.


IV.  Payroll: Carrying over Sick/Vacation/Holiday/Personal Benefits to the new year.


Step 1. Verify the User Parameter PR Screen – Type NHPR (CR)

Make sure that the Carryover Percentage for Sick and Vacation is 100% – if you are carrying over Sick and Vacation fully.

Sick Vacation
% Payout/Carryover line xxxxx 100.00 xxxxxx 100.00

Press ENTER to Save.

Step 2. Running the Accrual Update Program

Run Update Vac/Sick/Hol Info [GM,18, 4, 1, 7]

Fill in the screen as follows:

Processing OrderE
From DepartmentA  To  ZZ
From DateMM/DD/YY To  MM/DD/YY   [generally 01/01/2020 – 12/31/2020]
Vacation: _ (enter Y if you are carrying over vacation)
Sick : _ (enter Y if you are carrying over sick)
Holiday:_ (enter Y if you are carrying over holiday)
Enter an ‘X’ to Run UpdateX (This Must Be Entered.)
Print Terminated EmployeesN
Print Option: – Spool or Printer default
The remaining questions on the screen can be left as prompted.
Press ENTER.

Step 3. Run an Accrued Benefits Report to verify that the information is correct.

Reminder: If printing accruals on payroll checks, make sure to change the accrual start date to January 1, 2021 in NHPR [UP, 5] or leave that date blank and the system will automatically assume January 1 of the current year.

V.  Payroll: FICA rates remain unchanged, the FICA limit has been increased to $142,800 for 2021

The FICA limit for 2021 has been increased from $137,700 to $142,800. The FICA rates are unchanged from 2020.


401K Deduction Limits

The 401K deduction limits are unchanged for 2021.