Newly Expanded Enterprise Reporting

Dear Client:
RHS is pleased to announce the availability of VISUAL Enterprise Reports designed for owners and operators. These cross-facility reports offer a snapshot of your organization’s overall performance, and how each facility compares to another, providing you with actionable information to help you make better informed business decisions. VISUAL Enterprise reports are available for Census data, AR, AP, and GL.
Census Cross-Facility Reports:
  • *Billing Group Analysis Report: Current occupancy across facility and the changes over time.
  • *New Admissions by Hospital Report: Total new admissions per hospital.
  • *Admissions and Discharges by Hospital Report: Compares number of admissions to discharges by hospital.
  • *Occupancy Report: Current and prior occupancy status.
  • *Rehospitalization Report: Rehospitalizations within 30 days, the variance from the CMS benchmark, and whether or not it is an outlier.
  • *Payors Variance Report: Compares percentage by payor source across facilities in the Enterprise group.
  • *Census Daily Report: Census snapshot; view each facility’s admissions, discharges, coverages, and room changes as of a specific date.
Account Receivable Cross-Facility Reports:
  • AR Collections:  Amounts and percentages collected / not collected of AR.
  • AR Aging Analysis by Group: Aging analysis by payor type or facility group.
  • Revenue Analysis: Snapshot of revenue by payor group.
  • Trial Balance / Trending View: Payor analysis and a trending graph of AR balances by group.
  • *GL Interface: View and post monthly sales entries.
Accounts Payable Cross-Facility Reports:
  • Purchase Journal: View purchases across facilities; all vendors or specific vendor; ability to run for specific GL/all GLs/range of GLs.
  • Disbursement Journal: View disbursements across facilities; all vendors or specific vendor; ability to run for specific GL/all GLs/range of GLs.
  • AP / Trial Balance: Purchases and disbursements with opening and closing balances.
General Ledger Cross-Facility Reports:
  • Trial Balance: Trial Balance across facilities.
  • Balance Sheet: Balance Sheet across facilities.
  • GL Journal Report: Analyze GL journal entries.
*newly released
If any of these reports are not available at your facility, please contact your customer service representative for setup at 718-338-2400.