CHARTS Patch 146: March 2024 Update: Complete CHARTS Release

This patch includes:

1) modifications to the ACA 1094-C employee count and

2) additional CHARTS Census, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll enhancements.

ACA 1094-C Employee Count

The 1094C employee count program now allows for the automatic exclusion from the 1094-C employee count any employees hired after September 1st of the calendar year. Employees hired during that period can be excluded because they would be within the Limited Non-Assessment hiring period. The Non-Assessment period maximum allowed by the IRS is up to 3 full months after the hire month for an employee. If this is selected then the 1095-C would show 4 months with a 2D on line 16.

Employee Count 1094C [PR, 8, 9, 2]