CHARTS Patch 143: September 2023: Medicare PDPM Wage Index Update

This patch includes:

1) updated Medicare PDPM rates and wage index tables, and

2) a MCTMT rate table update for New York City employers.

Medicare PDPM Rates and Wage Index Update

PDPM went into effect starting October 1, 2019. Each October CMS updates the associated PDPM rates for Urban and Rural facilities along with the wage index for each county. The tables required to calculate expected PDPM payments have been downloaded as part of this release. This update also sets the facility Medicare Wage Index as appropriate for the facility based on the Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) where the facility is located.

Please note that the software updates the wage index based on the Urban or Rural Indicator and CBSA code on file in User Parameters [UP, screen #3].

Change Table File [CTF] – 8, 34 – Wage Index / VBP Table for fiscal 2024.

For fiscal 2024 the VBP Multiplier is once again facility specific. Please update the VBP Multiplier as appropriate for you facility.

MCTMT Rate Table Update for New York City Employers

Effective July 1, 2023, the maximum MCTMT rate for NYC employers was increased from .34% to .60%. This rate change is in effect only for the NYC counties, New York (Manhattan) , Bronx, Kings (Brooklyn), Queens and Richmond (Staten Island). This software update, based on facility zip code, will automatically set the appropriate MCTMT rate for the facility.