Congregation Nachlas Dovid

Rabbi Shmuel Lichtenstein, Rav

1589 East 28th Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11229

(718) 377-2902

Week of: 

Roshe Hashanah - 2007

Candle Lighting on Friday:   
Sh'kea Motzei Shabbos:   
  T'fila Schedule Date


     Sunday: 8:00
     Mon, Thu: 7:25
     Tues, Wed, Fri: 7:30
     Rosh Chodesh: 7:10
Mincha Sunday:
      10 mins before Sh'kea
Mincha Erev Shabbos:
     Candle Light + 10 min
Shachris: 9:00
Maariv 1: Sh'kea + 45 min:
Maariv 2: Sh'kea + 60 min:

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