Current Census Upload to NYS DOH (MDS Census Roster) for 7/25/12 - the look-back date:

We have learned that NYS DOH is not always matching the correct assessments and this may adversely affect your CMI average and reimbursement. 

We talked to the representative from DOH and they said it is up to the nursing home to identify any issues with the upload and then follow up with DOH to correct it.


We advise you to follow this procedure:


Look at the report you get back from the state after your upload and check for discrepancies. Some of the issues we have heard about are:

  1. DOH will match a Discharge assessment with a resident.
  2. DOH takes an Inactivation assessment.
  3. An assessment is not matched with a resident. You need to determine why no assessment was chosen. (It could be, for example, that the name or Social Security number is incorrect).


If you notice any of the above issues call Frank Czernicki at 518-474-2535 and he will advise you how to proceed. He is with the NYS DOH Bureau of Long Term Care Reimbursement; Room 943 Corning Tower Building ESP; Governor Nelson Rockefeller Empire State Plaza; Albany, NY 12237-0719.