October 2003 Patch

CHARTS Download Instructions


This update contains modifications for:  1) Medicaid HIPAA billing, 2) An update to the $1,590 limit,  3) A program to update diagnosis codes in the resident master and A/D/T records, and 4) A new optional diagnosis table file.

Please print and read October 2003 Notes

Before loading the CHARTS UNIX release do the following: 
Make a backup of your CHARTS data.
Log all users off CHARTS.
Make sure that you are on a PC that is connected to the CHARTS/UNIX system.
Print this page.
Click on UPATCH.ZIP to load the patch.

Save file UPATCH.zip to the root of your C drive (c:\upatch.zip).

Do the following to move the patch to your UNIX machine:
Logon to your CHARTS/UNIX system (from this same PC) using Kermit 95.
At the Login prompt type root.
At the # prompt type rhspatch and press ENTER.
(If there is a problem, then in Kermit 95 click on Edit, and Terminal and make sure that APC Enabled is checked.)
You will see a status bar and the screen will switch to black and back.
After you see a message update complete log off by typing exit and pressing ENTER.
Do the following to verify that the patch was installed properly:
The next time you log on to CHARTS you will see the following:
You have downloaded the October '03 update from the internet.
Please press ENTER to complete the download process.
When you are logged on type PGTOTF and press ENTER. At Create Table type Y, leave the rest of the screen as initialized and press ENTER.

CHARTS Release Documentation

See and October 2003 Notes.