Medicare M2 Project Transition Notes:


Empire Medicare M2 Project


National Government Service, Inc. will be migrating from their current EDI Gateway to a new data center located in Shelbyville, KY. As part of this migration process the current Medicare Submitter ID (usually the facility Federal ID#) is being replaced by an M2 ID.


Most facilities have already applied and received their M2 ID. If you have not already applied for your M2 ID please follow the following steps.

To get the M2 ID and the Medicare Claims Submission Logon:


Send an email including the required information to


Please see for additional details.


For OMNIPRO Login:


Log on to and follow the instructions.


Ivans Software


Due to the transition an update of your Ivans software will be required.


To Download the Smart Transfer and Omnipro software go to enter the password empirebz then print the installation guide and download your software.

Bill your January 2008 Medicare claims prior to February 15th


Medicare is scheduled to migrate to their new data center in December.  Facilities will not be able to logon to Omnipro after December 16th without upgrading their software. Facilities will not be able to send Medicare submissions after February 15th without upgrading their software.


CHARTS Update:


Make sure to download Patch 32 prior to billing with your new M2 ID. This patch should be on our web site by December 26th.


Any questions about obtaining your M2 ID or the new Ivans updates should be directed to National Government Services, Inc. or the Ivans Help Desk at 1-888-233-3730.