June 10, 2002

Dear Client,

In an announcement dated 05/03/02 (version 9) and in a revised announcement dated 05/21/02 (version 10) HCFA detailed a new and shorter Medicare PPS Assessment Form (MPAF) that will be available for Medicare PPS assessments starting July 2002.

In the above announcement HCFA stated that:

1. "Use of the MPAF form is completely optional

2. "No errors or warnings will occur because a full assessment is submitted for PPS reasons."

We have subsequently been advised that the State is not yet ready to begin accepting, even for test purposes, the new MPAF form. We have also been advised that Raven, the entity that produces the official data checking routines for the government, is not yet ready to release the revised routines needed for the new MPAF form.

As such, we will make the new MPAF form available to our clients only after we have been able to submit and adequately test the new form.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


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