November 15, 2001

Dear Client,

There is a new procedure for creating magnetic media W2 Copy A for the IRS for the year 2001. Please follow the following steps:

Step 1. Obtain a Pin Number:  a) online,  or  b) by telephone:

a) On-line: go to . Click on Employer Services Online, click on Registration, and then click on Register for a PIN & Password.

b) Telephone: Call 1 (800) 772-6270.

Step 2. Create Table File Entry:

After you receive your PIN number do the following:

From any CHARTS menu type ATF ENTER, 18 ENTER, 10 ENTER.

At Main Key type W2 , at Secondary Key type W2FILE , and press ENTER.

The following screen appears:

Add (185-CNT)
                               Contact Information

  Main Key: W2        Secondary Key: W2FILE    Description: YOUR PIN NUMBER

                      Name    YOUR CONTACT NAME

                      Phone   YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER      YOUR EXT

                      e-mail  YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS

                      Fax No  YOUR FAX NUMBER

                      Preferred Method of Notification: 2
                                         (1:e-mail 2:Fax 3:Postal 4:OWR)

                                ID number for Billing
                              Receiver : LEAVE BLANK    
                              Submitter: LEAVE BLANK    
    Enter (F) To File (I) To Ignore:  F

Fill in the information as noted above and press ENTER. 

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Client Service.


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(718) 338 - 2400, Fax (718) 338 - 2741,