July 17, 2001

Dear Client,

As per the instructions included with the 6/30/01 release we would like to remind you that each and every payroll period beginning 7/1/01 should be properly marked to indicate whether it is the first payroll of the month (set to B for Beginning of month) or the last payroll of the month (set to E for End of month). Payroll periods are set using SETPR or changed with CHGPR.

Also, Union Dues for each payroll period should be marked (with a Y) to indicate that Union Dues should be deducted.

Details for setting the above indicators are available in the documentation for the 6/30/01 release.

It is highly recommended that you carefully check the union deductions on your payroll before printing checks. If something seems incorrect please call RHS before printing your checks.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Client Service.


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