EPCS: Applying for a Waiver

January 12, 2016


Dear Administrator:

Toward the end of December, 2015 New York State, Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (NYS BNE) released a waiver application process for Long Term Care facilities for the March 27, 2016 EPCS e-Prescribing mandate.

To the best of our knowledge, the waiver is for one year, but simply applying for it does not automatically guarantee it will be approved.

RHS strongly recommends that your facility apply for a waiver if your facility recently went live with the RHS VISUAL EMR Software or if your facility is scheduled to go live in the near future.

When you apply for a waiver you may want to stress that: A) By the March 27, 2016 deadline your facility will still be very new to the process of electronically submitting medication orders to the pharmacy, and B) Your physicians are not physically on site at your facility the majority of the time and because of this there may be an unacceptable delay in getting orders approved and filled by the pharmacy, placing the frail and elderly residents at risk of not receiving their medications in a timely manner, risking significant harm.

Information about the waiver process, compiled by Dr. William C. Hallett, President/CEO, Guardian Services, Inc., can be found here.

Thank you.


VISUAL EMR Client Service
Reliable Health Systems, LLC