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RHS is offering a series of three Webinars addressing the VISUAL EMR implementation of the EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) requirements for controlled substances effective March 27, 2015. These Webinars will be available online for viewing at your convenience.


1. The first training Webinar "How to obtain a USB Token and a Token Passcode," is for doctors prescribing controlled substances.
2. The second Training Session "Registering a doctor's Token and Token Password in VISUAL EMR,"  is for the Administrator and the Medical Director.
3. The third training Session "Prescribing and submitting regular and controlled medications as of 3/27/2015," is for all doctors and nurses.


The First Training Webinar:

Who should participate? Physicians who use VISUAL EMR to prescribe controlled substances.

What is the topic? Physicians will be instructed on how to purchase a Token and create a Token Passcode

How long? The Webinar is approximately 7 minutes.

Availability: Now

Description: As of March 27, 2015 physicians prescribing controlled medication will need to use Two Factor Authentication. Meaning, every time a doctor prescribes a controlled substance they will need to identify themselves using two types of identification. The two identification types currently supported by the RHS VISUAL EMR software are: 1) a Token that only the physician has, and 2) a Token Passcode that only the physician knows.

For a doctor to obtain a Token and a Token Passcode the doctor must register with IdenTrust and prove they are who they say they are (Identity Proofing). After registration a Token and an Activation Code are sent to the doctor by mail. The doctor then completes registration and chooses a Token Passcode.


Course Material for the First Training Webinar:

Please print the following handout before viewing the training video.


Training Video (7 minutes)

Questions and Answers


The Second Training Session:


This second training session assumes that the physicians in your facility completed the first training session and have each obtained a USB Token and Passcode.


Who should participate? The Administrator and the Medical Director and/or their designees.

What is the Topic? Registering a doctor's Token and Token Passcode in VISUAL EMR.

How long? The User Manual is 12 pages. The last page is a Quick Guide.

Availability? Now.

Description.  Each facility using VISUAL EMR for e-Prescribing should print the form below. The facility's Administrator and Medical Director should designate either themselves or two other people who will be authorized to add physicians into VISUAL EMR for prescribing controlled substances. The Medical Director's designee must be a physician. The form should be completed, signed and returned to RHS. After RHS sets up these two people in VISUAL EMR they will be notified and they can begin granting EPCS privileges to physicians. 


Course Material for the Second Training Session:

            No training video is required.

            Print this form. Complete and sign it, and return it to RHS.

            RHS will notify you when these two individuals are set up in VISUAL EMR.

            User manual for registering a physician's Token and Passcode in VISUAL EMR.