Ask Michelle

1. System: How do I add a new user into CHARTS? How do I add a new user into VISUAL? 
2. System: How do I change a posting date in CHARTS?
3. Census: How do I change an admission date in CHARTS? How do I change an admission date in VISUAL?
4. MDS: How do I upload the MDS Census Roster to HPN?
5. General:  How can I change the screen size in CHARTS and in VISUAL?
6. Census: I tried to assign a resident to a bed, but a message appeared that said “no match in pm & bd,” or “bed is already occupied.” How can I assign the resident to the bed?
7. Reports: How do I get a list of fields for the CHARTS Report Generators?
8.  Errors: What do I do about the following error messages:
a)  error ws 255: please call RHS
b)  “open failed with file status [98]….”
c)  “user error exit not in use
d)  “user not authorized to use CHARTS
e)  “error: file/record not found.  Please call RHS.  
    f)   "File or directory path does not exist please specify, FILE=, LIBRARY=, VOLUME=


Excel: How can I bring a CHARTS report into Excel?
10. Census: How do I delete a resident master file record and all related information from the system?
11. RUGS: How do I transfer the RUGS scores from VISUAL MDS 3.0 to CHARTS for billing?
12. MDS: What do I need to know about the October 2011 updates for MDS and Therapy?
13. System: How do I create shortcuts for both CHARTS and VISUAL softwares?
14. Checks: What is needed to print checks from CHARTS?
15. PQ: How do I delete the reports on my CHARTS print queue?
16. Census On the census report, it says BH at the end of the line next to a resident’s name, but the resident is NOT on bed-hold.
17. PMGEN The state is here and they need various reports.